Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Most Specialist Ever Award goes to...


Yesterday was our 7 year Anniversary.  How did we celebrate?  He reserved us a hotel room in a nearby town (a few weeks in advance even!) and we escaped the hustle and bustle of the real world.  We pretended for a full 24 hours to not have any responsibilities at all except for loving one another.  How sickeningly cute, huh? 

The hotel was perfect (the same one we stayed in on our pseudo-honeymoon, although this time the room didn't have the half drank bottle of champagne!), dinner was great and his gift to me was the best---Olde Time Photos!  How romantic!  ((I would like to post one of them but they are copyrighted and I forgot it at home so I can't get it scanned in so you will have to settle for this one instead...it's from the races a few weeks ago but we are still sickeningly cute anyway!))


Anyway, this is List Making Tuesday so here is today's list.

Top Ten Reasons I Love My Husband...
1)  He lets me sing in the van on the way home after a long day...and let's me finish singing the phrase I am on before shutting off the van.
2)  He knows me.  We have been together since 1997 (a whole 11 years!) and he knows all that I have been through in my life, so if something is weighing on me, he understands.
3)  When I insisted that he get a cell phone, he caved to make me happy.  Now he carries it everywhere and even texts me love messages during the day.
4)  Everything is pretty close to 50/50.  Okay more like 60/40 because I am kinda a spoiled brat, but we work as a team.  It's always us against the world.
5)  He still holds my hand and shows the world that he loves me.
6)  He supports me in my hobbies and adventures in life whether they are as small as a home craft project or as big as leading a Girl Scout troop.
7)  After this many years, he still can't get enough of me.  He thinks I am beautiful even at the times when I do not.
8)  He finds ways to connect with me on a personal level by doing date nights or finding me the perfect gift.
9)  His kisses still make my knees go a little wobbly and his hands give the best massages ever.
10)  He completes me as a person and us as a family like no one else ever could.  He fits perfectly.  :)

Anyway, Happy Anniversary baby.  7 years and counting!

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