Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Apologies are in order...

I had a post for yesterday's "List Making Tuesday" all written up and scheduled to be posted. I really did! But it was saved in my Windows Live Writer...and well, my computer froze up and then crashed. Initially, I was told it was a minor error that would only take a little bit to fix but then I was told it was major and I have to have a new computer! Ugh! So, I have the post but I can't get this loaner computer to download the software to open it and therefore, it didn't get posted. Sorry!

But, my defense...this week hasn't been all that great. In lieu of a list from yesterday, let me list the things that have been happening this past week. Shall we? I'll even add in the good things to lighten the mood a bit.

1) My nice, fast computer took a slow dump on me. A big, heaping, stinky pile of poo (my loaner computer) now loudly hums underneath my desk and mocks my very existance with its slower than hell processor and its no-USB-ports-on-the-front face. Plus it is bigger and I kick it every time I sit down (Not on purpose...I don't think so anyway).
2) There have been two more deaths...well my immediate vicinity. An uncle (the brother of my step-dad), the man who owned the first duplex that we lived in in this town (who happens to be a friend of my moms) and a woman whom I met at my job (she was a client).
3) Grandpa has been hospitalized. Luckily it is for normal growing old issues and not something more serious. We will probably go see him tonight. Since Mom is gone, there is no one left here who can take care of him regularly.
4) I blew my diet. Several times. Twice over the weekend I was several hundred calories over my goal and yeah, I was more than 500 calories over last night because I just said "screw it". I am back on again today. Maybe this time it will stick. I'll try not to jinx it.
5) My husband had his birthday...and that means that it is that much closer to mine!
6) We went school shopping. This could be construed as bad because I spent most of the day wanting to smack the children for misbehaving or good because we got it pretty much done. Finally.
7) My father-in-law put an offer in on a new house. Here again, could be good, could be bad.
8) The kids school Open House is today and we get to meet the teachers and find their classrooms. Yippee! The kids are going back to school and the daycare bills are going down!!!
9) My husband and I are going on a date night on Friday...if we find a babysitter and if we get tickets and if there isn't a funeral to be attended and so on and so forth. It should be fun...if...
10) We watched the Olympics. Several times actually for probably the first time ever. We even went over to Dear Hubby's brothers house at 9 pm and totured the kids by watching swimming and running while they were bored into sleep. It was actually really fun.

So there you go. A psuedo list for "List Making Tuesday" even though it's not Tuesday anymore. Sorry.

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