Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New pets in our home...

I returned home on Saturday from an Arts in the Park kind of thing in a nearby town. My children had apparently been rather naughty all morning for Dear Hubby (ha, ha!) but they acquired themselves some friends. I, being the anti-creepy-crawly type of person that I am, made them keep their small caged insectizoids out on the patio. (yeah, I know...I am a horrible mother.) Well, their new "pets", and I use that word very loosely, consist of a spider (not the daddy-long-leg variety either, a REAL spider), two tiny grasshoppy babies, a large grashopper daddy-type and a lazy fly.

The spider seems to have been caught first...where is still a mystery to me, as per this conversation I had with my husband to inquire about such matters.
Me: How were the kids?
Dear Hubby: Horrific little monsters Annoying as heck Fine.
Me: Where did they get the spider?
Dear Hubby (crinkling his forehead): I'm not sure.
Me: It was OUTside...right?
Dear Hubby: Um, yeah, sure. They found it outside of your lovely home. (He sucks at lying but I choose to believe him anyway because the alternative of thinking there are spiders in my house is just not. an. option.)

The fly, on the other hand, came from the bathroom. I saw him in there that morning when I was getting ready to go and I swear he was as big as my head. That thing could gobble us all down if he were a man-eating fly! Usually, you can't just grab a fly with your hands so either Bubba had lightning fast hands or else this fat fly was really lazy. Probably the second.

Anyway, these new creatures all live in a small six inch long by four-inch wide by four-inch tall cage together. Sound fun? Probably not for them. And definitely not for the lazy fly who became the dinner feast of the spider (at least that's what I am guessing happened as there was a small black seed looking thing dangling in the cage from a spider's web and the fly itself was nowhere to be found. I also figure that the spider decided not to mess with the two baby grasshoppers because the daddy grasshopper could squash him with one leg tied behind his back. And at this point, I must apologize to all the dear creatures that my dear little ones are terrorizing...okay, I would apologize if they didn't creep me out quite so much.

The kids took their newfound friends to daycare with them today to introduce them around (yeah, I am sure the provider loved that!). I don't remember them telling me any names of their insects...except the spider. Teensy named it Bubba Reuben. When I inquired as to why she would name a spider after her brother she responded with...

"just in case Bubba dies and then we would have another one Bubba".

Good logic, little girl. Good logic. I was too scared to ask what else she named her "pets". I do not want to know if there is an insect out there named after me. I'll just stay in the dark on that one.

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