Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Comic...counting money

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

Yeah, but I'd never admit that to a kid who already thinks they know everything, either!

My son knows everything! Abso-freakin-lutely everything! I am not quite sure when the alien teenager took over my sweet and innocent little boy but I am pretty sure that at the age of 7, he should still have question about some things!!!

Case in point...Bubba would like to buy a Wii. He is completely and utterly obsessed with video games and since this is the newest and most fabulous craze, he would like to own one. I have repeatedly explained to him that the Wii costs about SEVEN MILLION FRICKING DOLLARS way too much for us to just go out and buy right now. Bubba insists that he has enough money in his wallet to buy one for himself. We have had this fight over and over again and no amount of convincing on my part will curb his way of thinking that he has enough money and I am just a horrific parent that won't let him spend his own money on the thing his little heart desires the most stupid. Last night, I asked him if he had any green money in his wallet (because being the tender age of seven, he understands the concepts of coin but has no understanding of the numbers on the green stuff). His reply was, of course, no. Only coins. It has now dawned on me that he believes that if you ad 5 and 25 and 1 and 25 and 5 and 10...etc. you will eventually get up to 400 and that means that he has enough to buy the Wii. He won't listen to stupid old Mom about the fact that he need 400 DOLLARS and not 400 CENTS to purchase his game system. In his mind they are the same thing. I guess the next thing to do is to take him up to the counter with his 40o cents. Then when they refuse to sell him his item because he doesn't have enough money, he will understand that maybe Mom isn't stupid after all...

...all adults are. *sigh*

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