Tuesday, May 13, 2008

To garner a change...at least in me.

Admittedly, bloggers who skip a day of blogging drive me nuts and yet, here I am, a blogger that misses more days than I post. However, I am of the opinion that you cannot bitch about something if you are not willing to change it (which I may have mentioned before--I really can't remember) so here I am, trying to change my blogging ways so that I hae the right to bitch about others who do not post on a day to day basis. :) Not really, I just thought that maybe I had something to say today.

I have been reading blogs by a woman who makes artwork to help benefit pediatric cancer and have been wondering if there is anything that I could do to make a difference in this world. I am not an activist by any means but I do want to do my part in what small ways I can manage on a day to day basis. So here is what I have been doing to help out in my own little way (because you all know that I am all about the little things!)...

1) I sit in my car often to read for a few minutes between appointments or drop-offs or to eat my lunch in peace and I always try to remember to shut it off while I am parked so that I am not polluting the environment for no reason.

2) I am going to start recycling. My town does not have a recycling center. The nearest bins are 30 miles away but I am willing to buy a few totes to sit on my front deck for paper, plastic, glass and cans and then I will drive them all the way to the center to do my small part in the recycling effort. I will even recycle the plastic bottles from all of the bottled water I drink to help make up for the fact that I am picky and only drink the bottled kind.

3) I am going to plant flowers this spring. That will beautify the environment in my neighborhood--at least until I kill them all off with my "black thumb".

4) I will spend more time outside on the deck reading my book this summer and less time inside watching television which will save on electricity.

5) I will try to remember to switch the laundry so that I don' t have to waste water going through the wash cycle again because it's been sitting there forgotten for three days! And I will try to take shorter showers (except on the rare days when I have to shave and therefore have every right to be in that shower for 45 minutes!).

6) I planted a tree on my MySpace page which in turn had Chevrolet plant a real live tree.

7) My husband will bike to work instead of driving his gas-guzzling, environment killing Suburban! Okay, so that's not me, but it's still good for the world around us!!!

That's all I can think of at the moment. Maybe I will do more. Maybe I won't. But I will try. What little things can you do?

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