Thursday, May 15, 2008

The small but good things that brighten my dismal day...

I seriously just scored my and my dear hubby a sweet deal!!! TICKETS TO SEE CARLOS MENCIA!!! And not just any tickets...FRONT ROW MIDDLE tickets. He could soooooo choose us to pick on and make fun of and we won't have problems hearing him or seeing his facial expressions and oh. my. god. I am sooooo excited!!! My hubby and I have a date to see a comedian!!!

I just wish the tickets weren't for October. That ruins the fun for now. *sigh*

On to other news...

I have been monumentally stressed as of late. My plate is rather full. The main dish consists of roasted medical worries for myself and a cream sauce of dear hubby having to find a new job. The sides chosen for me are gut burning new daycare trials, a heaping helping of last week of school activities, and a mash of best friend moving, little sister leaving, garage sale coming up woes. That of course is just the tip of the iceberg because there is always the soup, salad and the desert courses to eat through as well. Today was the day that I finally cracked. Too much had piled up too high and the stress of the weight on my shoulders turned me into a raving bitch. Until...

My little sister called me and told me to go home tonight and pack the kids enough clothes to last them for 3 days. Include some snacks and car toys for a five or so hour trip, drop them off at school tomorrow making sure to say goodbye and enjoy the weekend. She said that they would be back on Sunday evening sometime. 3 days and 2 nights of no children to worry about or take care of. Stay out as late as we want, come and go as we please. How did she know I needed this? Thanks Brownie. I hope the drive with Bubba, Teensy, Bellisimo, Trinket and Blade isn't too stressful for you. Enjoy your weekend...I know I will. :)

I was vacuuming the offices today (because there were chewed sunflower seeds all over the damn place--but that is a rant for some other time) and I mustn't have heard the front door chime when it opened. I came out of an office to find a yellow smile face cup on my desk filled with a flower bouquet. The card read..."Just for a Smile. Everything will work out fine. Love ya." Knowing that i was on the verge of a completely breakdown, my dear hubby had flowers delivered to my office to help me remember that it will all be okay in the end. A little token of his love on a day when I needed it more than anything. Of course, Coworker has to try to ruin it by asking what dear hubby did wrong because apparently "boys don't send flowers unless they did something bad". Well, hubby bite me.

I am pretty long winded so far in this post, but really since I have been so stressed lately, I haven't been able to thing of things to blog about...or write about for that matter. I was told that I write the best when my emotions about something are the strongest. Well, my emotions are running high right now (partially because I am in the middle of my menstrual cycle--which is something that you all just NEEDED to know!) and so my writer's block has been lifted. I have started back on that yellow brick road of writing. I actually wrote a whole page (689 words) of a story today. But before any of my fans gets excited that it may be on "their story" let me just tell you that I started yet another manuscript. This one is titled "Reality Sets In". Great title, huh? Anyway, I will get back to all of the other writing eventually, but I must go where the inspiration takes me and someday all of my little stories will be woven into one amazing novel. I bet you can't wait! I sure can't. I love the freedom writing brings me and I have opened myself up to new and different genres of books to read so that my writing isn't stuck in the small box of romance.

So that's all for now. My little things for today. The day is far from over and the stress will still come my way with Bubba's doctor appointment and the trashed house that awaits me when i arrive home but I got a few moments of peace in my otherwise hectic life and that will tide me over until I finally pur myself into bed tonight. Enjoy your little things....and your little times.

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