Thursday, January 7, 2010

The attack...

Water nymphs stand behind my eyes and menacingly stab as they try to break free; their tiny little spears stinging harder and harder with each thrust.

Quaking gnomes reside within my hands sending their shivers out at sporadic intervals; each growing in intensity as the seconds tick away on the clock.

Tiny constrictors snake around my lungs; squeezing tighter and tighter everytime clean air attempts its entrance.

Bubbles form themselves and rise up until they pop their acidic masses against the top and sides of my stomach.

Microscopic sumo wrestling elves slam their fat little bodies into the sides of my heart causing it to violently pump the blood in and out; racing, making my chest walls rise and fall in an abnormal rhythm.

The seahorses swimming through my veins begin to drown in the racing bloodstream and come to the surface for air, bursting the vessels and causing a redness to spread throughout my cheeks.

And all the while...

The queen sits upon her throne at the pinnacle of my head. Begging, pleading for the tormenters to stop their attack; sending shockwaves of demands through my system that are just as quickly sent back stamped with "return to sender-we will not oblige".

She cannot stop the cretins. I cannot stop them.

My body gives in to the attack as wave after wave of overwhelming anxiety rip through me like a tsunami eating an oceanside village.

I gasp for air. I call out for help.

Neither air nor help comes calling back.

I begin to drown in the waves just as the creatures within me begin to tire.

They slow. I crash.

Then, with one last blow from each and everyone of them...

I fall.

They have won their wretched little war upon my being. Despair has found its way in once again and I am locked within its dungeon; the light of day a distant memory.

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