Saturday, July 4, 2009

Warning: Take heed of directions before lighting!

If the firework says “read additional instructions on launch tube”, it is quite likely that you should not haphazardly light said firework in close vicinity to your children, your spouse and your van.  P1060154

However, if you do happen to light said firework around said objects and people, please be ready to run like hell when said firework starts to shoot actual fire. 


But if you are the person sitting inside the safety of the van, be sure to relentlessly tease, taunt and torture the moron who lit the firework found at THE DUMP in the first place about the terrified look on his face when said firework ended up being one that should have been launched into the sky and not one lit on the ground because said firework was in THE DUMP for a reason, as witnessed by the fact that the fuse was a dud and therefore had to be lit right close tot he explosion point. 

And that, folks, is our 4th of July lesson for today. 

Please be careful with those fireworks.  :)

No one was hurt in the acts of stupidity above.  It was actually quite funny and we all got one hell of a laugh out of the ordeal. 


Miss Marnie said...

Isn't it hilarious to sit back and watch the fools and their lighters on the 4th! I find that as or more entertaining as what they are lighting :) Never mind the directions. What could the manufacturer of the product possibly know about THEIR product that you don't!!

J... said...

Yeah, you should have seen the Hubby on the actual 4th of July holiday. The man only lit two fireworks and they both went totally awry! He shot of a large bottle rocket from a metal pipe but forgot to point it straight up in the air and instead it went flying parallel to the ground where it landed in a neighbor's yard and a neice had to run over to make sure there was no fire to put out. The second one was a rocket and even though it was standing correctly, it flew in the wrong direction and landed on the shed in a shower of flames and sparks. Scary stuff! We ended the night with a neice getting shot in the neck by a bottle rocket by her brother. No injuries but that ended the fun right there.