Tuesday, May 12, 2009

There was even a stripper pole!!!

I haven’t posted in a while so I figured I would come back with a bang…a wet and sticky one.  :)


Several weeks ago, Miss Insanity had a Passion Party and invited me.  Since her and I have become pretty good friends as of late, I was going for sure.  I haven’t been to a home party type of thing in a long time and Passion Parties are definitely my style of party.

You don’t know what a Passion Party is?  Really?  OMG!  Well, let me tell you.  It is a party where a bunch of girls get together to learn about and get their hands on sex toys without having to go to an adult store in the middle of the day in a downtown neighborhood looking like a majorly perverted sex addict.

Well, anyway, Miss Insanity was hosting one and I was invited.  I begged Dear Hubby to let me use the car that night because showing up at a “toy party” in a minivan just felt utterly wrong to me.  I was the first to arrive (as usual) and picked out a comfy seat where I wouldn’t have to be too close to anyone else, thusly ensuring privacy when I was writing my order.  I had only been to two of these parties and I wasn’t nervous but I was definitely a little passive about the whole thing. 

It turns out that the night was pretty good.  I had a hard time ordering from the catalog because I just wasn’t sure what kind of “toys” the Hubby would be in to, but I did decide to get “laid” by having a party of my own.  I texted Hubby to make sure he was down with it and set a date.

A few weeks later, I had done all the dirty work—sent out e-mail invites, reminded people in person, sent text and e-mail reminders and handed out the website and catalogs to those that I knew wouldn’t make it to the party itself.  I hopped in the van (yes the minivan!) with the Hubby and headed off to the bar where we were holding the party.

By we, I mean that I co-hosted the Passion Party with a friend of mine…and by Hubby and me I meant that it was a party in which significant others were encouraged to attend!  Let me tell you, that was the best idea I have ever had in my life. 

I sat through the same presentation as before with one big difference…there were men in the audience.  Each person sat and listened the same as I did but with their heads in close to their spouses, each couple perused the order form and catalog while each “toy” was passed around and whispered their preferences to each other.  We all joked together.  We shared an openness in that private room of a bar that just isn’t present in normal society today.  The crowd was a mixed bunch of people that I knew personally as well as through other means, not everyone knew each other and we didn’t need to.  We were all there with one purpose…to learn about and purchase sex toys. 

And purchase they did.  To the tune of $1000.  I was handsomely rewarded with free gifts and discounts for my efforts but what I walked away with was far more valuable than that. 

I walked away with a better understanding of my husband, myself and us as a couple.  That one measly party garnered me more taboo conversations about sex lives than anything ever has.  I am closer to my man, I am closer to my friends and I am closer to myself. 

All because of a party in a bar where we passed around sex toys. 

And I now have a full drawer full of fun and a catalog full of circles for the next party that I attend.  Sex is no longer taboo, people.  It’s a part of life and we can deal with it openly or we can hide away our precious little toys. 

Apparently, I choose to deal with it openly and publicly on my blog. 

If you are ever invited to a Passion Party, I highly recommend the Nipple Nibblers in raspberry. :)  Let me know your opinion if you do buy. 


Sheila (Charm School Reject) said...

I wasn't very impressed with the nipple nibblers...and my husband said they made his mouth feel scummy :) lol

But I loooove going to those parties....case in point, two drawers full of toys and lotions and lubes, oh my!

Lora said...

there may have been a pole, but was your mother in law there?!?!?!

that is the true mark of a sextoy party, at least in my book!!

(she still hasn't looked me in the eye, btw!)

I'm glad you guys had so much fun!