Monday, March 2, 2009

Those f*ckers with their expensive sh*t and their spoiled no-good brats...

I had one of those complete a-ha moments yesterday in which I fully realized that I hold within me a prejudice.  Yes, internet, a prejudice.  I felt deep inside a complete hatred for another human being (and their spawn) based solely on...

...their massive Hummer and enclosed Harley Davidson trailer!

Okay.  I will come clean.  The hatred for them didn't begin that way.  It only intensified when I witnessed that they were sporting expensive matching snowsuits and were loading up their way-too-large, perfectly running  snowmobiles into an expensive enclosed trailer to be hauled away by an even more expensive new Hummer. 

It could have something to do with the fact that we were sitting on our homemade flat trailer in our mismatched, whatever we could find snow gear (including my son whose snow boots were left at the school and therefore had donned three pairs of socks, plastic bags, and holey sneakers on his feet) waiting for Dear Hubby who was doing one last hard run to get his machine running in a manner he was comfortable with so that we could load my old snowmobile into the truck we borrowed. 

It could.  But it doesn't really. 

My hatred actually stemmed from an event several minutes prior that involved the life of my precious child becoming endangered at the hands of an absurdly stupid stranger. 

I should tell you that Dear Hubby has been riding ATV's in one form or another for most of his life.  He learned to ride a dirt bike at the age of 6 and was racing shortly thereafter.  He knows the trails in this neck of the woods rather well.  He knows the trail-etiquette (and even taught me some as I had never been riding on a trail before yesterday!) and the ins and outs of how to behave and be safe. 

As this is the case, we happened to be enjoying some family fun time in the snow this past weekend.  After several hours on the actual trails, we headed back to the vehicle and ate some snacky/lunchy stuff and took the kids and their sleds to a big hill.  Once we tired of driving up and down that hill to shuttle the kids back and forth we decided to try a different kind of fun. 

We happened to be parked by a large open field.  Large enough that there was plenty of room for lots of snowmobiles to cruise through without incident and as it was around 2 o'clock and most everyone was out on one trail or another, the field was empty.  So we sat each kid atop a small snow tube which we had roped approx. 15-20 feet behind the our snowmobiles (Teensy behind mine and Bubba with Hubby).  Knowing the limits of our smallish children and being extremely cautious of each other, the swinging radius of the tubes, fellow snowmobilers and other potential hazards (like rocks and phone poles), we set out on the edge of the field to have a little fun.

I must say it was quite entertaining to see that huge smile on my daughter's face through the large white helmet she wore.  She was having a blast even with a few spills where the tube swung too far out and she crashed over. 

I had just replaced her on the tube after one of said spills and began the slow take-off once again when I noticed another snowmobile out of the corner of my eye.  I did a wide turn to swing Teensy out a bit and looked again in the direction of the snowmobile just to find out that it was coming right for us.  And not just right at us but at an excessive speed. 

Let me remind you that there was a HUGE field all around us.  We were taking up a small corner with our family fun time and yet this snowmobiler found it necessary to come racing not through but INTO our area.  The area in which even if I had stopped, the tube containing my little Teensy could have slid out into the path of the oncoming snowmobile.  I was immediately terrified for my daughter and there was nothing that I could do. 

Thankfully, the person missed my daughter.  And by person I mean very young girl (like around 10-12) on a machine way too big and way too powerful for her by any persons standards that was never taught the basics of safety on said machine. 

I flagged down my husband and insisted that I wasn't going to put the kids in jeopardy again and therefore if that kid were to head our way again, we would be done...her stupidity and lack of common sense ruining our family fun.

Only as were were returning to our parked vehicle did I notice the girl again.  In a pink snowsuit to match the pink snowmobile with her parents and other siblings presumably.  The were loading up their belongings and heading on their way...

...and it took everything in my being to not scream and shout at the parents for being so irresponsible and for not paying attention to the actions of their daughter on a deadly machine. 

And that, ladies and gentleman, is why I harbor hatred and prejudice for people who are irresponsible and lack the common sense it takes to be a deserving human being.  Those Hummer driving, HD hauling, snowmobile riding, child spoiling, less-than-humans PISS. ME. OFF!

End of rant <here>.  Thanks. 

Oh, and we had a lot of fun this weekend!  Wish I had pics for you but my cameras batteries were dead and none of the rechargeable ones were charged!


The Queen said...

I know the feeling babe. WE use to do the whole,, aunt uncle cousin grandparent.. Memorial Day weekend at this huge.... and I mean huge.. lake in Nebraska. (which means small to the rest of the world)

puptents, backs of pickups, that's how you slept..but it was fun..

THEN..DENVER FOUND IT... oh yea.. massive campers,, huge boats,, no brains.. lots of booze..


and now.. there is at least one death every year there..and the ambulance just parks on the damn and waits to be told where to pick up Denver victims,..

Sad.. so very very sad...

Lora said...

I'm a total hater about things like that too.
Thanks for stopping by and letting me find you and your blog!
I'm hooked, you crack me up!

AmyD said...

Wow, that would have pissed me off beyond belief. Although, Mike probably would have gone over to them and said something.

Which is why we hike out into the middle of nowhere to play in the snow at campground that is closed for the winter so we don't have to deal with the jackasses like that at the popular ski run.