Monday, February 9, 2009 we come!

So, we did it. 

We walked in and told them that we wanted to apply.  We paid our money.  They took some pictures, talked our ears off about their own vacations...and then we waited.

We (well, I) ran to the mailbox everyday hoping for that little package.  That one that gave me the permission to go on my trip. 

And now?

Now, we officially have the little blue booklets and the permission to head over seas!  Yippee!  passports

And the best part is that I will always have this little blue booklet and it's cute little stamps inside.  I have one more form of identification in case I need it.

Do you know what's even better than that?


Score for me!  Hubby looks like an escaped convict in his dark blue work uniform and his unshaven face but, I look good.  Isn't that what matters?


Next step in the journey to another under $1400 each!

Help a girl out!  If you find tickets to Germany for a good price, let me know!  We are willing to fly out of just about anywhere as long as we can do it for a good price!

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The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

And now the state won't hassel you for a second form of ID on paperwork. (One of those pet peeves of mine)

Congrats, but now I'm throwing you in a "Seven Deadly Friends" file with Kelly! (You make me green with envy!!) lol