Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Scientific Studies are overrated...

I get these cravings sometimes. And when I get them, I have to give in or the craving will just continue until I have satisfied it and that gets overwhelmingly annoying.

So this morning I had a craving.

My friend says that if you are craving something then your body is in need of something that is contained within that item you are craving, some type of vitamin or nutrient that your body is currently lacking in.

I believe that is complete bullshit. (As of this morning, that is.)

This morning I had a craving. For Gummi Worms. Yep, those chewy, allegedly fruit flavored little devils were calling to me until I found them on the supermarket shelf. The very last bag, hanging all alone amongst the other candies in a tribute to just how popular his buddies had been. Silently screaming out their pleas.

Well, I bought that 99 cent bag of worms (along with a chocolate covered doughnut, a massive Hershey's with Almonds candy bar and a Mountain Dew. Can you say sugar high? Yep. Can you say diet? Not today apparently.) and I took them up to the cash register where a nice cashier started to ring up my purchase. I took one look at her large size and thought, "Shit. maybe I should put some of these sugar back". Unfortunately, I didn't listen to that inner voice today. I paid my money, grabbed my goodies and went out to my van.

Now, I do have some self control. I did immediately eat that doughnut (it was breakfast time after all and I didn't get to eat before I left the house) but I didn't touch a single other thing. I have still yet to finish the Dew and the candy bar is in the freezer for when work gets ultra suckity later this week. The Gummi Worms? Well, that is the point of my post, now isn't it? And maybe I should ought to get to that point. :)

So, for lunch I ate my sundried tomato and pesto flavored turkey breast that was skewered with pretzel sticks (See, proof that I don't always eat the least healthy things!) but when I was done that craving for the Gummi Worms came back on quite strongly. I know that there is absolutely nothing that I could be lacking that is contained in that candy because, well, because there is nothing contained in that candy but sugar and a bunch of words that are too long and too hard to prounounce (let alone type up). And that is why I believe that craving thing to be a complete myth.

I crave items that have exactly 0% nutritional value and 100% holy-crap, bad-for-you crud.

Which ends my scientific study on cravings being your bodies way of telling you what you are lacking.

Maybe next time, I can find the answer for why I eat half the bag of said item even though I fulfilled the cravings after just two worms and thusly feel as though my stomach is crammed with a foam-like substance making me feel bloated and knowing full well that it will take at least two days for this crap to break down enough to make me stop feeling this way.


Anonymous said...

Maybe there was an "emotional" need associated with them!:)you know your emotions are your health! Or maybe you need fruit! Like "real" fruit and youve just cleverly tricked your brain all theese years into believing that gummi worms are in fact good for you!! :)

J... said...

Pretty sure that Gummi Worms do not feed an emotional need either and I've been eating grapefruits sooooo...nope. Any more ideas smarty pants? :)