Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hyper-sensitivity runs in the family...

"Mom, some of the big kids weren't very nice today."

Oh great! I've been wondering when this was going to happen. The kids in this town recently moved from 4 small elementary schools (each with it's own grade) to one extremely large building housing all kids K-4. The school is beautiful, drop-offs and pick-ups are a nightmare, and I have been worried about bullying since the day they broke ground.

"What happened, baby girl?"

"This big kid walked by us and said, 'Hi, little peeps' and that was very nice."

"Um, hmm. That does seem nice."

"Then another one walked by and said, 'Hi, little people.' and that was just not nice, mommy."

"Um, what?" I looked across the dark car at Dear Hubby and gave him the "what the hell" look.

"Little peeps is nice. Little people is not."

"Baby," I said in my most understanding momma voice, "they are the same thing. Peeps is just a shortened form of people."

"Nah hah! They were being mean!"

Lightbulb flashed brightly above my head as I realized that she thought the older kids were calling her and her friend midgets. Oh! I get it now!

"No, sweetheart. The kids weren't trying to call you a midget. They said little people because you are littler than them and you are a person."

That is when the waterworks started. She bawled her eyes out for several minutes because "Mommy just doesn't get it." and "they were being mean to me!".

An eye roll and a whispered, "What the hell is this all about?" to Dear Hubby later, I lean back into the back seat to see if she is okay. Nope. Still freaking out! I turned back around and tried to stifle the laughter because really? What doesn't she understand? This is insane? The big kids were being nice by saying hi and she takes it as an insult to her physical stature. Maybe I overdid it on the no name calling lecture. Hmm. Really? What the hell?

She finally quiets down and I assure her that it will all be okay tomorrow.

Can a girl get PMS at six? Because really...holy shit! The waterworks were totally unnecessary!

I tried to take a picture of her bawling face but as we were in the car heading for Wal-mart at 6:30 at night, the atmosphere was too dark for my camera phone. Next time, I promise. She really is just adorable when she cries!

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