Friday, December 5, 2008

Unexplained Edward Phenomena...

Something happened last night that will boggle your mind.

Dear Hubby and I finally got a date night. We drove into "the city", had some dinner at Mongolian Grill (which is this totally interesting place where you fill a bowl up with a bunch of frozen ingredients, top it off with noodles and whatever sauce mixture you choose and then hand it off to a guy who dumps it on a flat iron thing and walks it around in circles until it's all cooked through and puts it back into a bowl fo you to eat!), did some Christmas shopping for the kids at Toys R Us and Kohls and then went and saw the movie "Twilight".

I know what you are thinking, blogoshpere peeps. You are thinking, "Ugh! Not another post about that!" I promise you this isn't another one of those boring Twilight posts that are lurking on a million blogs around the internet. I will not give away secrets of the books (because I haven't read them!) or the ending of the movie (as if there was one!). I will not sit here and spout off at the mouth about how Bella and Edward are meant to be together (which they sooooo are!) or how the movie was the best love story I have witnessed in quite some time (although it totally was!) or how it left me feeling tingly and wishful (which it most certainly did!).

What this post is going to be about is the fact that I went to bed last night thinking about Edward watching Bella in her sleep. I was a bit freaked out by that and completely for it all in the same thought. There is something weirdly erotic about someone watching me sleep. It is strange in a stalker-esque kind of way and yet would make me feel safe and protected to know that someone stood watch over me...and loved. Yes, very loved.

Anyway, I got off I went to bed last night (extremely late and knowing that I had to wake up early!) and when I woke this morning I found bite

Edward fucking bit me in my sleep!!! Holy Hell-a-cious-ness! For reals, people. I fucking got bit!

Damn vampires!


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