Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday at it's worst!!!

Today is Tuesday. I have an assignment waiting for me from Princess but...I'm not going to do it today. I want to throw a tantrum like she did but I just don't feel like ruining my already "eh" day. I need to focus and just make it through. So brace yourself...

...for today's issue of List Making Tuesday--"what is on my mind today"...

  • My temporary filling fell out of my tooth and I had to go in and have it repaired yesterday. since they were in there fucking around again, my teeth have been hurting like crazy and I have an awful headache-y thing that won't go away.
  • FIL is officially moving in with his girlfriend. Yep, you heard correctly. His girlfriend! It has been a smidgen over 6 months, people, and here he is not only moving on but throwing it my face right before...you guessed it...the holiday season!
  • I heard that news through the grapevine that is my office. Fuckers can't keep their mouths shut ever!
  • My new favorite word is "Fuckers". That is probably not a good thing.
  • My boss goes out of town on Friday and will be gone for over a week. Should be a good thing but for the past two days she has piled enough on my desk to last me three weeks!
  • My Girl Scout co-leader, Miss Quiet, is sick today and therefore will not be available to help me lead the meeting tonight. 13 girls will be in my charge.
  • I am going shopping with Lady K on Friday. In an effort to scale back a bit and not tire her out, I am only going to go half assed this year. I am broke anyway and shouldn't be spending all that money, anyhow.
  • The kids will get to enjoy a Parade of Lights on Saturday night. We will have the annual party...minus the key members of the establishment and will have much more to clean up on Sunday.
  • Tree hunting day is Sunday. Hopefully, we go out early and get back earlier than usual so we still have time to clean up the party from the night before at the salon. Unfortuneately, we won't have time to put up the tree that day.
  • I am going to cut my shopping fun short on Black Friday to hang with my hubby and kids. We are planning to pull out all the decorations and get an early start on hanging Christmas lights this year so that it actually gets done!
  • I haven't had a real meal since I cooked for Lady K, Missy K, Crazy Kat and her mom on Sunday. I have been living off of snack foods...and tonight won't be any different.
  • The ignitor on the furnace crapped out on us last night (as it did on Christmas last year!) We awoke this morning to a 58 degree house. Freezing!!! I am hoping hte hubby was able to pick one up today or else we will have another cold ass night in our house.
  • Hubby just dropped about $350 on vehicle and snow mobile re-licensing today. Like we could afford that! Guess I will really be cutting down Black Friday's fun this year.
  • Bubba acted so horrifically at Boy Scouts last night (and in weeks previous) that hubby is fed up and will no longer take him if he doesn't straighten up. He gets signed up for wrestling tonight. We'll see if that is a conflict or not.

I am done bitching for today. I will sign off now!

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