Thursday, October 2, 2008

What does an 8 year old think of the election?

Okay, so first of all, he's not 8 yet.  I keep telling people he's 8 already and yet we have another couple of weeks before his birthday.  Why am I trying to make him grow up so fast? 

Anyway, on to the actual topic of this post...

Who will my 8-year old vote for in the upcoming election?

"I hope that Obam guy doesn't  win this voting thing we have coming up.  He's gonna get rid of all the guns and bullets and shut down all the gun stores."

Um, my guess is that my son will be voting for McCain. 

Disclaimer:  This is just how my son's brain works.  He is extremely interested in being in the military when he grows up.  He has never played cops and robbers, it's always been GI Joes and war.  He wasn't allowed to play with guns (even water guns) in our home until he was about 6 years old and has never been allowed video games that are violent in nature. 

Bubba is quite a bit ahead of me in this election process.  I have no clue which candidate would be better for our country!

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