Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Conversation amongst Leaders...

"I don't like kids."


"Then why the hell are you a Girl Scout Leader?"

"To try and get parents more involved in the lives of their kids.  You are here to teach the kids.  I'm here to teach the adults."


You know those parents that drop off their child at the school and make them run across the street nearly getting hit by a slowly passing car just because they are too lazy or in too much of a hurry to find a parking spot?

How about those that enroll their child in an extracurricular activity just so that they can have a "babysitter" and alone time?  Yeah, I am talking about the ones who roll on by as they push the kid out the car door with their soccer bag or their dance gear instead of walking the child into the building.

Those parents who know full well that they are supposed to sign the child in but can't be bothered enough to put pen to paper?

Those parents that don't care enough to look through the backpack, sign the permission slips, or pay attention to when it is their child's turn to bring in snacks?

Yep, those.  They drive me nuts.  I want the parents of my Girls Scouts to take an active role of participation in their daughters lives and activities.  I want all parents to take an active role in their children's a perfect world.


DISCLAIMER:  I am not now, nor have I ever been a perfect parent.  I have been known to miss, truth be told, sending items for several show and tell days.  There are days when the kid's homework just doesn't get accomplished until the next morning at the breakfast table because we were not home to do it the night before.  I work full-time, as does my husband and we are tired when we arrive home, so our kids don't always get a balanced, nutritious meal for dinner.  But I try. 

I volunteer at their schools for class parties when I am able.  I drop them off at the curb in front of their building at school maintaining their independence as well as their safety.  I instill the love of reading in both of my children by setting a good example and I go through their backpacks every night in an effort to understand what they are doing in school.  I pay attention...and that is what I wish other parents did as well. 


I am not a fan of immature behavior.  I hate petty little antics and people who do not know when to take life seriously.  That is why I am not fond of children.  They are loud, they are nosey and they are messy (mine included).  Children are chaos personified.  I prefer to live without chaos, but...

...when those girls come running up to me on the playground at school or in the grocery store and throw their arms around my waist, I melt.

So, I guess, I am in it for the girls.  I am a Girl Scout Leader to be a good role model to these girls...and they in turn make me a better person. 

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