Wednesday, August 27, 2008

List...sorry for the delay!

w.spUPDATED!!!! I actually recieved a lot of this for my birthday thanks to the amazing people in my life!!!

In honor of my upcoming 28th birthday, I thought that I would make a list of 28 presents that I would like. You know, just in case anyone needs ideas. Just kidding. :)

1. To talk to Jennifer to see how she's doing.
2. Birthday cards picked out specially for me.

3. A gift card to add to the $20.00 in Borders Bucks that I have to spend there in the month of September. I just love Borders!!! New books, new music...what's not to love?
4. A new purse. Something funky and fresh with a long shoulder strap and lots of pockets.
5. The music accessories for my new cell phone...USB cable, headphones, memory that I can upload my CD's and listen to them while watering the lawn.

6. Dinner out somewhere with my husband. Someplace nice where I can dress up a little and have a quiet evening of being with my baby.
7. A day/night out with friends...dinner, a movie, desert, shopping...anything really as long as it's fun and stress free.
8. A pin-up style photo shoot...just because it sounds like fun.
9. A gift card to go shopping for new clothes...Kohl's, Old Navy, the Mall...any of those would work perfect. I want some new sweaters for the upcoming cold season.
10. Something wrapped in a pretty box.

Wow, 28 things seems like a lot to come up with when you really don't need anything. Pushing on...

11. Calls from my brothers and sisters.
12. New shoes since the ones I always wear are getting worn out. Maybe some new Sketchers boots for the winter.
13. New coat.
14. Artwork for the wall above my bed.
15. DVD 27 Dresses or something equally as girly.
16. The day off of work to sit at home alone in my pajamas and scrapbook or watch tv.
17. A Strawberry Cheesecake with candles in it.
18. Virtual presents on my MySpace page.
19. A letter sent to my work address.
20. Flowers are always nice.

Wow, I still have to come up with 8 more! Onward...

21. "A Fresh Frenzy" CD.
22. A trip to play paintball.
23. 2 tickets to the Tonic Sol Fa concert.
24. Book on digital photography and a Photo Shop Program...or enrollment in a class to learn more about it.
25. To lose about 25 pounds...which won't happen if I keep saying screw the diet!!!
26. A surprise.
27. Time, energy, and motivation to clean up my office and the stuff to make it pretty.
28. Presents picked out just for me by my kids.

So, there you have it. I am not all that complicated when it comes to presents. I love presents of all kinds as long as one thinks of me while getting them. This list is most likely not helpful to anyone but there you go. My List Making Tuesday obligation has been fulfilled. :)

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