Thursday, June 5, 2008

Teensy turns a year older!

My baby girl turned 6 last weekend. Seriously, it has been six years that I have had her amazing smile in my presence and it seems like she was born just yesterday. We threw he a huge tea party in our front yard. The turnout was amazing. All the hard work that went into it, all the favors I asked of family and was all worth it because Teensy had herself a wonderful time at her very own tea party. And she couldn't be any cuter!

I took this picture in remembrance of her Grandma Geri, who just passed away. The tea cup Teensy is holding is one that usually sits on a high shelf in Grandma's kitchen. The hat was Grandma's. And this is a picture Grandma would have displayed very proudly in her home and so we will display it very proudly in ours in her memory and in her honor. Not to mention to show how absolutely adorable my baby girl is!

Back to my baby girl's birthday. In the past six years, I have watched that little girl grow from a cute baby, into an adorable toddler, then into a pretty preschooler and now into a beautiful grade schooler. She will be headed on to First Grade this next year and I couldn't be more proud of my little angel. She has every one of her daddy's best qualities (genuinely nice to everyone, laid back personality) as well as my tendency to take on stress as a physical symptom and occasional bitchy attitude but all in all she is the best little girl I could ask for. She's my heart, through and through.

We don't usually do theme parties around our house. Just cake and ice cream with family usually suffices, but this year I am really glad that we decided to go all out. We decorated the front yard in the colors that Teensy chose (pinks, greens, and oranges). We made finger sandwiches, cupcakes, and strawberry roses for the food. There were also offerings from friends and family (Russian tea cakes and fondant flowers). Teensy's cake was a tea pot and we all drank iced tea and strawberry lemonade out of tea cups. Teensy opened presents and all the kids jumped on the trampoline and had a splendid time together. It was really great to have such fun. My mom and sister's even suprised me by showing up in Tea Party outfits when I thought they were just coming in jeans!!! They helped to make Teensy's party even better for her.

So Happy Birthday, My sweet little girl. I know that your special day was over-shadowed by a sadness none of us expected but I hope it was all you dreamed it could be anyway. Enjoy your presents and telling everyone that you are now six years old. We all enjoyed your party, for it was an oasis for us all to escape away too. Your smile made the whole day bright. I love you, my heart. I hope this year is great for you. :)

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